Writing & Research


Chicago's Labor Market Trajectory
Led a detailed analysis of the trajectory of Chicago's labor market at Civic Consulting Alliance for business and civic leaders, showing the decline of middle-wage occupations and fast growth of low-wage positions in the region and evaluating the drivers and wide-ranging implications of future growth scenarios.

Remaking Economic Development
Helped define the overall messages of the signature Brookings report Remaking Economic Development: The Markets and Civics of Continuous Growth and Prosperity (2016) by Brookings Vice President Amy Liu, outlined key arguments and researched and co-authored sections on civic leadership and collaboration, trade strategy, and critiquing traditional practices.

Metropolitan Innovations Series & Newsletter
Created The Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Innovations web series and newsletter, and contributed to and edited these publications throughout 2015.

The Metropolitan Revolution Book
Contributed research and writing to The Metropolitan Revolution (2013) by Brookings Vice President Bruce Katz and Fellow Jennifer Bradley, on topics including regional leadership networks, technology and governance, and innovation districts. Created a suite of new media products to accompany the book.

Innovations to Watch Series
Co-authored the Innovations to Watch (2013) series with Bruce Katz, and led a crowdsourced research initiative to inform the project.

Next Economy & Global Cities Initiative Speeches
Wrote, edited and tailored high-profile speeches for the Brookings Next Economy and Global Cities Initiative projects, and designed accompanying multimedia presentations.

Civic Technology Grant Reporting
Led a significant grant reporting project for a civic technology non-profit to a large international foundation.